Sunday 25 September 2022

What A Family Law Facilitator In San Luis Obispo Can And Can’t Do

family law facilitator in San Luis Obispo

Law can be complicated for some people and no wonder many of us aren’t familiar with even the basics. But that’s a discussion for another day. Today, we will talk about a family law facilitator in San Luis Obispo. Each superior law in this state has a facilitator office (sometimes known as a family court clinic) that offers free assistance with family legal-related issues. Some facilitators' offices have both attorneys and paralegals on staff to offer non-legal help to customers looking for help with their family legal matters. 

What a Family Law Facilitator in San Luis Obispo Can Do

Each facilitator can provide different services at the superior court. For example, a family law facilitator can guide you in filling out court forms, and help you with your divorce or dissolution, or child custody matters. You may also find help with child support matters, protected health insurance cases, and spousal support issues. 

Your facilitator may also meet with you and offer information and options. However, he or she can’t act as your attorney or offer you legal advice. 

What a Family Law Facilitator Won’t Do

A facilitator can’t represent you or be your attorney in your case. Also, the facilitator won’t offer any legal advice and you’ll require hiring your own attorney for legal advice about your strategy for your case or situation. Thus, there’s no attorney-client relationship between you and the court facilitator. 

The facilitator has a responsibility to help the public and can usually help you and the other party. It’s also worth noting that your communication with the facilitator may not be confidential. 

Consult an Attorney for Legal Advice

You might need to consult your local facilitator’s office to learn more about family law facilitator laws and regulations. And for legal advice regarding your situation, consulting with an attorney sounds like the best option. The good attorney will tell you where you legally stand on the matter and how the law applies to your situation. You’ll also know what legal options you have. 


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The above was a few notes on what a family law facilitator in San Luis Obispo may or may not do for you. If you need help that a facilitator can’t offer, you’ll be better off consulting with an attorney.